New York Wholesale Clothing Market

The New York wholesale clothing market is one of the most vibrant wholesale and closeout markets in the entire world, consisting of importers sourcing apparel from Asia, the Middle East, and South America, to garment manufacturers located in the New York Garment District, to wholesalers purchasing overstock and store returns from department stores and designers.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of wholesale buyers that visit the Big Apple every year looking for brand name clothing for their boutiques back home. Just walk the streets in the Fashion District and you will see shoppers from all over the United States, and from as far as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, China, and Lebanon, all looking to purchase wholesale merchandise for their businesses back home.

In addition to the wholesale clothing showrooms which you will find in Manhattan, you can also visit wholesale warehouses in Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, and even New Jersey for that matter.

What makes New York such a great place to buy and sell closeout apparel is because there are so many buyers and sellers all actively courting each other, it means that due to the competitive nature of business you will be able to find the most amazing deals on authentic products.

One important caveat is that you need to ensure that you are buying authentic wholesale clothes. While you can usually have a good idea based on the look and the feel of the clothes, you will want to know how the wholesaler came to buy his goods, and if you need any special licenses, or must conform to any restrictions while selling the merchandise.

It is for this reason that I focus on brand name products which are overstock and store returns from major American department stores. By carefully buying the right merchandise, I can offer my customers original brand name merchandise at below wholesale and closeout liquidation prices.


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